Case Clearance!! Monster Update!


Hey guys. Got a few things up for sale. NO TRADES! All prices are shipped.

YYF 2010 Severe: $85
Mint and plays like a beast. This is the capless version in a very nice green and silver acid wash.

YYF 401K: $55
Excellent condition. Has rubber shuttles for better response.

YYF VK: $75
Mint and an awesome player. No stacks.

YYF 44Clash GM2: SOLD
Mint and one of the best players I own. Smoo ooth.

SPYYxCLYW Galactic Goose: GONE
Mint and smooth. Just doesn’t get enough play.

General-Yo 1st run Hatrick: SOLD
Mint and General-Yo smooth.

Duncan 8-Bit FHZ: SOLD
Mint, sili recessed and schmooved by the ModFather

YYJ New Breed: $25
4/5 condition. Great 5A player.

One Drop Dingo: SOLD
Mint Blue/Black.

Mint. Has a bit of vibe on grinds.

SPYY Addiction 2: SOLD
Mint and an awesome player yet again.

SPYY Pre-Pro Punchline: SOLD
Mint Red Pre-Pro edition. Barely played.


more pics for g5? close ups on damage? thanks


i’m kind of a noob… what year is it?


It’s an '08 second run G5

(Kei) #5

Hey, just wondering. Would you take a Die-Nasty and a Flying Panda for the Takeshi FHZ.


No thanks. Already have a Die-Nasty, and not really interested in a Flying Panda. Thanks for the offer though.

(Kei) #7

Yep! Nothing beats a failure but a try. :smiley:


i will trade yoyos for the free hand zero


fh2 and a big yo for the counter attack


No thanks. Not looking for a Big Yo. Update: Superstar GONE!


cosmic spin and fh2 for the counter attack


No thanks. Looking for cash mostly.


X-Convict with a KK bearing and silicone for Tactic?


PM’d about the Tactic.


how much for the grind machine


Free Bump ;D


ill give you $20 for the trilogy


Sorry, the lowest I’m going on the Trilogy is $30 shipped. It retails for $50. I’m already losing $20 off the bat.


ill give you $20 for the trilogy and ill trow in some string too


No thanks dude.