2010 edition G5 FS/FT


hey guys. today i am selling my red 2010 edition G5. this yoyo is completely mint, and is in perfect working order. the yoyo has fresh copper silicone, and will come with ricestacks, OR z stacks. there are pics below. i am looking to sell this. it is completely mint and not really that played. i am looking for 85 dollars.

really looking for clyw’s
just offer anything


how much money are u lookin for?


i would like around 80




I wish I had something to trade :frowning:

Free bump!


lol. ill take cash if you want. gotta see what offers i get tho




i have got a genesis with satined rims


pm me




private message me


thanksgiving bump


i got a duncan mondial mint  would you like to trade

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