Punchline+G5 For Sale!!


These yoyos are for sale I mainly do Paypal, but if you must send money…you ship first.
Feel Free to Offer A price or yoyo. looking for one drop.
        Wants- Money Money Money Money

Message me if You have any questions about Price.

Pictures!!! - http://s1137.photobucket.com/albums/n518/Matthewhochsbucket/

My YoYos!-                                          Offer any Prices!!!  Take Both for 110$!!

-Punchline Near Mint 2 dings on rim, Very Smooth Orange/yellow splash Trade/70$

-G5 w/box w/ z stacks+Top Tips/Longstacks 50$/ or trade Mini z stacks

Any Questions about price? Message me! offer anything




How bout a blue Superstar Wavelength and 44Clash for the Goose ?



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