Looking to sell or trade the following throws. For payment, I prefer Paypal (either gift or add 4%), but anything other than cash in an envelope is fine. Sales have priority, unless your trade is on my want list. All prices are OBO. PM all offers please.
I’ll consider any and all offers. Lowballs will be politely declined.

Kyo Alph #085 with Box - typical raw finish scuffs. No dings. $70 $65!

Prison Break Limited Edition G5 with Box - 5A scuffs, one very small ding. Comes with black Z-stacks. I’ll include a pair of black hubstacks and a package of 10 or so hubstack o-rings for another $5. $65 $60!

Want list:
CLYW: Anything but Campfire, Marmot, or Peak
Chico Bulldog
54 w/ Side Effects
Anything Titanium
Anything interesting - try me!

Mint Urban Camo TT - has, in my opinion, the best grinding finish ever to come on a yoyo. The (quite sharp) spikes are on the ends of the axle itself, which makes it amazing for matador play. Not to mention the incredible ano job. Sold for $55 and a mint Protege

Mint with Pouch SPYY Addict #217 - incredibly smooth Traded for mint SPYY Pro

Mint in Box General-Yo Torrent #002 - a bit of tarnish on the bearing and a small spot that looks like an ano flaw visible to the right of the word “TORRENT” in the top right pic. Sold for $220!

YYJ Atmosphere - White, version 1, some small scuffs on rims, comes with caps. Great condition. $35 Traded!

Duncan Metal Zero - small ding, a couple of small scuffs, very good condition. Sold for $20!

Duncan Hyper Freehand - caps slightly fading, other than that excellent condition. $25 Sold for $25!

Brown M1 - One ding/scuff, no other marks, plays smooth. Great pocket throw. $45 Sold for $35!

MIP The Cut Vyolence Edition (1 of 39) - Thrown once, comes with extra axle. $100 Traded!

Big Deal - Near mint. Comes with stacks and 15 Buddy Jim Flea strings in 3 blends (pictured). $70 Sold for $65!

Satined Aqua 888 - Satined, no dings, excellent condition. $60 Traded!


BUMP! Getting some really good trade offers so far - keep it up! Also, remember that all prices are OBO, so if you want to buy, offer up!


any pics of that Cut?


BUMP! They’re going quickly; looking for cash offers!


Would u trade a yomega hot shot for a aqua 888


You be trollin’. Or just stupid.


If you throw in $55 with the Hot Shot, sure! BUMP!

(yoyo jake) #9

more like $60 with the hotshot

and that is the stupidest offer ever


Haha, the Hot Shot’s got to be worth at least something. And, it never hurts to try! Speaking of trying, keep those offers coming! You never know when I’ll bite! BUMP! :smiley:


Bump! They’re almost gone, get in on 'em while you can!


3 more! Considering all cash offers to get rid of these!


Bump! Need offers!


Bump! Current high bid is $205!


Bump! Auction ends Dec. 29 at midnight!


Bump! Ended the auction for lack of interest and a good buy it now price. Still got plenty of great throws up for grabs!

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Pmed. Can I get a response?


How much for the G5?


Bump! Need offers - you never know when I’ll bite!

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