Campfire/Dingo deal! PLUS Most of my collection Over three cases of yoyos! (50+)


Priced for shipping in the US. International Shipping will be more.
Deal of the day! (negotiable)

[/b][/u]Minty silver Campfire 65 shipped
Minty Blue/yellow Dingo 45 shipped
Both for 100 shipped

Do not want anything I have already!!!

[b]Cash (Sale ends when I get close to 400 USD )

interesting trades…(nothing I have unless it is SE. No HSPIN)

(More BELOW)
Blue/white stackless PGM V1 with all weight rings few scuffs - 13 shipped
Black/Grean Stackless PGM one pair of weight rings - 12 shipped
(sell both as a pair for 20 shipped :slight_smile: 3A?)

M1 Blue Green - Fair condition, plays smooth and great - 35 shipped

Not pictured FHZ (3x dual sili, 1x single deep pad) 2 fh2, 1 2010 fh2, Clessiah, modded raiders, blue chaos, red Kos extreme, HGSF (needs new axle)



X convict
Raw (clear ano?) Small bearing 08 888 -60 shipped Pending
Blue sigma blade zwei, one cap dual sili great condition - 15 shipped
Axiom - good condition - 35 shipped Sold
Red protostar - 30 shipped SOld
Die nasty- broken caps, wobbly. Free with next sale Sold
Black Mini Motu - Near mint with black camo caps- 25 shipped Sold
Mint Nimbus - 45 shippedSold
Green Addict - Near mint (couple pin pricks) - 75 shipped Sold
Red w/ pink splash speedmaker DUAL SILICONE no caps couple scuffs - 15 shippedSold



How much for the M1?

(Justin the JeeJaw) #4

?? why is everything deal so cheap lol I also pm’ed you


woof (PM’ed)


i have a brand new fhz its modded and its worth about $40. l’ll trade it for a sigma blade or prostar .


ill buy that m1 blue and green for 45 bucks :wink:


is ur m1 still available


how low are u willing to go for the silver 888


How do you handle payments internationally? I’m from Msia. D:


Okay… Here’s the question then XD

How much is the bassalope, eneme, c13, or the campfire?

And… Do you have a meteor? : o

(C4) #25

mint mayhame and a ouch yo an a gm for your severe


Why don’t you PM him, which you haven’t done for your past 10 offers?


do you still have m1 ??


how much for skyline and dv888


how much for the metal green grind machine by yoyofactory and what is wrong with it? does it enclude the hubs? i am willing to trade 2 lime green sunset trajectory and $40. is it still there? and if not then i will get the sky line. if not i will get the camp fire. and if not ill take the dingo or any all metal yoyo with hub caps. same deal for any 1 of these yoyos. i only want one yoyo for 2 yoyos and $30-$40. thank you.


skylines gm or 888 for an xcon original satined, freshly siliconed, cleaned bearing and shims. my fav throw. will come with a counterweight if wanted. ;D if you want pics i can include pics


M1 Blue Green - Fair condition, plays smooth and great -[b] 35 shiped/ hello im zwoods1998 and im wanting to buy ur m1 blue green for 35 bucks my nuber is 18709492270


hey why do you keep saying your name and then putting your phone number?

(Hardcore_Max) #36

Sire you have been Pm’ed


how much 4 p2