4/3 5:00 PM Price Drop! Must Sell Today!!! Gnar, Sasquatch, M1, 54, Epic, Pro!

b]If you can pay me today, I will let these go REALLY cheap[/b]

I just got 4 yoyos today, ive decided I am not going to keep all of them. Im probably going to sell only 1 or 2 yoyos

Offer with the prices, im going to be pretty reasonable with these, just offer and we will work it out from there. 3$ for CW, 10$ for custom cozy

Mint, no box, 28stories Sasquatch. Smooth, new, super awesome, lots of red. 110$ shipped

Near mint Purple Blue Splash Gnar. Few pinpricks, it should be here tomorrow, more info when it comes, possibly not for sale.

Mint, no box, Affogato/Spacebat M1. Smooth, looks like a two tone brown when spinning. 70$ shipped, RARE and special yoyo

Mint, no box, White with Blue/Purple Splash cap Epic. Smooth, fast, really awesome hubstacks. 95 $, good chance to save money on a new epic
Mint, no box, red/pink Spyy Pro. Super smooth and fast, really dig it. Easy to hit. 75 shipped, possibly pending,

Near mint, no box NQP Red Purple 54. Theres 2 tiny marks, that look like the just look like little white specks. Really smooth, no aluminum spikes, just brass domes. 60 $ shippied

Your saving 30 bucks off if you get the epic and pro, even more if you count the 5$ shipping from retailers!!! 25 for the 54!

ill pay 75 for affogato

can i trade u my 888x with quite a few dings for your 54

i’ll trade my gorylla with some scuffs, konkave, and it’s been sili’d

i might be able to go $60

does it have spikes and domes?