severe $40 44 special $40 mint mint get them before they get eaten paypal only


im selling 2 yoyos for half+ off for minty taste

SEVERE it is a capless vertion and i got this obe before they did the whole 2 weight thing. its the green yellow color that came out the day or so before worlds. awesome throw unotisable vibe $40

44 SPECIAL i also got this one at worlds and used it in my turn but i got a low score? its super mint green marbled vertion stacks work great vibeless and yah $40

BOTH YOYOS $40 not togeather paypal only offers??


your selling those!


Pictures please?


will buy one of them… PM please ;D


Mint $100 yoyos for $40 aren’t going to last this long my friend, they probably sold within 5 minutes of the original post :stuck_out_tongue:


whoops… :frowning: i found a better scorce of money sorry but keep looking soon enough i will sell alot of yoyos at same price

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