Want to Upgrade

I know every trick on the YYE website. So i have a dm2 right now and (tell me if it is too soon!) and wanted to upgrade and was thinking of getting a high end yoyo. Wanting something stable and solid and a lot better than the dm2. So which one do u think is good and vote THANK YOU:D

u can also make other suggestions just nothing over 125 plz

you will have so many different suggestions, go with the one you think is coolest. personally, id recommend a onedrop 54

I don’t know how you feel about yoyofactory, but you can’t go wrong with a fundametal. The small bearing lunatic is my personal favorite.

It’s time to upgrade when you think it’s time to upgrade.

if i can get 8 people agreeing on the same yoyo ill probably get that one

Ditto. I totally agree. The one drop 54’s a great Yoyo, super stable and oh so smooooth, and capable of doing anything you throw at it. plus you can customize the weight to your style of playing.

Hmmm, I’ve always regarded the DM, DM2, HM etc as high end yoyos. Moderately priced, but capable of any trick in the book, which to me defines high end.

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wait for werrd yoyos to drop. they should be here within a week I think.
or… just look at the different companies and see what you like. Read some reviews. (highspeedyoyo has some great reviews for a lot of yoyos)

I’ve tried a number of companies, and I can’t really say anything negative about any of them. illy, spyy, general yo, etc… they’re all amazing. From what I’ve seen, you really can’t go wrong with any yoyo. and once you get to that $100 range, there are so many options available to you that you’re probably not going to get just one yoyo recommended more than others. Are there any that you’re looking at in particular?

OK, we just need 8 people to agree he should get a ONE and he’s taken care of.

I’ve got a DM2. I just spend a big wad at YYE(finally, took forever to get anyone to pay me), and I’ve done a bunch of deals via BST, stuff that should start arriving any day now as a matter of fact. I don’t know what I really want to ugprade to as I’ll probably continue to throw my DM2 as my main yoyo for quite some time. My incoming items are in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, weights and the like. Chances are I’m gonna find something I like out of that.

When to upgrade? Well, with a DM2, theoretically, you never need to, which is part of the charm of that yoyo. What do I know? I’m 4 months in and barely get time to practice these days. I say, if you want to AND can afford to, then get something if you want to.

Suggestions? No, not gonna make any. I can’t. Not enough experience and don’t have my new goodies to test out for myself. Plus, the way-cool staff of YYE managed to pull an extra bit of cash out of me by alerting me that an item I wanted just came in, PLUS to save me shipping, they are holding my entire order as per my request until a much wanted additional item comes in fairly soon. Is that great or what?

I will say this, I got a lot of variety coming in. Metals, plastics, no bi-metals. Next month I’m looking to spend on some bi-metals and some of the better YYF plastics and some other much loved throws just to see what the love is all about. Too many good choices. But with a $125 target budget, you can get something that many people rave about. I got a gnarwal coming in, used. I’m gonna get it repainted a solid as I can’t stand CLYW decorations. Why toss out what might be an awesome throw just because of a paint job that can be corrected? Plus, then I can have a throw that’s “my own”, for lack of a better term.

The other end of the spectrum is that you spend the $125 and end up NOT liking what you end up with. I find that to be unlikely, but it is possible. A company can’t sell an expensive yoyo and expect to just cater to a very small niche, despite yoyo itself being a very small niche. I can see companies like YYF, who make a large number of models, being able to handle the niches better because of the variety, and the large numbers bring the price per unit down and hence keeps things more reasonable in general.

Getting 8 people to agree might not be a big deal. But, will that agreement be a good fit for you? That’s the bigger question.

Pick the one you think looks coolest. They’re all great yoyo’s

DM2 is actually quite stable. It handles everything like jhb said. I really don`t think you need an upgrade.

I am noone to stop you from upgrading, but I don’t recommend you waste so much money on upgrading to other unneccesesarry throws.

Buying a 888x will not make you suddenly learn Ladder Escape.

Remember, if you want to get skill, then work it up and practice.

You can’t really ask other people which yoyo [b]you[b] will like. They can suggest a good one, but you may not like it. I know that this has been said alot but it’s all preference. If your not sure which one to choose, try to get one with similar specs to your dm or some thing completely different as you may like it’s shape, size, etc. way more then your dm.

thanks guys :smiley:

How do you undo the bold? I only mean`t to bold the “you”.