on the same note, i to am dying to upgrade. the dm needs to be replaced. I’m thinking… alot of yoyos. i want all of them. but i can only get ONE :’(
so in no specific order of interest…

skyline or similar make (888,dna what ev)

hectic. its hectic

one drop freakin sick yo, but is it of good quality???

G5- very interested, but I’m not sure about the shape

protostar-dang good price but is it compatible to a metal yo?

boss… on that note, any yoyofactory yo, i want.

I’m almost in the master section… well soon ill will be so i want a good wide yo-yo for insane freestyle and string tricks with excellent spin time. my DM doesn’t offer me that. well it does but i want more.

so my good yoyo comunity, what is your favorite yoyo out there? know of any others??? tell me whats up! thanks guys

LOVE- sticky :’(

Did you really just ask if One Drop makes quality yoyo’s? They are of the highest quality.

oh… well I guess I wouldn’t know considering the fact that I don’t own one, nor have I ever played/seen one in real life, but thanks for the info. so I guess that’s one vote for one drop. I think I’m partial to the hectic in black. it looks so sick. but I don’t know much else about it. I mostly want a yo that will play amazingly. but that is technically an opinion if a yo plays well or not.

My Hectic is awesome too!

Like Icthus said, One Drop makes very high quality throws. Personally love their now retired M1 series. If you’re looking for some advice, I would suggest that you go for whatever is new and original, ie. different shape, response, colour, company, weight, size, etc. Out of your list I would go with maybe a G5 or Boss. Both look pretty sweet and would be something new.

I want a skyline soooo bad :frowning:

hey yeah what gives??? i just visited one drops site and there was no M1!!!

that line was retired back in like september/october i believe. You might be able to find one in a BST though. :slight_smile:

ah… makes sense, thats about the last time i was on their site. whats BST?

B/S/T, meaning Buy/Sell/Trade. Most forums will have BST boards where people will post what they are selling, trading, or looking for.

i would say one drop or yoyofactory dna really wide yo

Specify more about what you are looking for in a yoyo.

For example, what weight do you want, what size do you want?