Want to upgrade but all sold out

I know I’m going to be upgrading my dv888 in the future and I’m getting nervous about the must have yoyo’s getting sold out

Wooly Marmot
Code 1
Addiction 2
Remnant 2

How many times will they restock? If the Addiction 2 is so good and it’s sold out, how do I get one? Same goes for all on the list. Well, maybe the Genesis isn’t going to sell out any time soon. But, you know what I mean.

I’m new to all of this, so any information would be great.

check out the b/s/t on here for sold out throws. a lot of the “must have throws” you listed are up decently often :slight_smile:
but some go decently fast. I got 2 good offers for my code 1 within an hour of posting it.
And also new version of really popular throws are made a lot/restocked. like the genesis and 888 have had quite a few different versions.

Unfortunately, clyw doesn’t restock all that often though, and when they restock on 28 stories or other popular paint jobs, they go pretty.

I sort of know the feeling. I wanted to get the Speeder 2 in white when it first came out, but this check came in too late for me to buy the Speeder 2 on the first batch that arrived.

I’m also waiting for a few models to come in stock but in the color I want as well.

Most of the time, items I need are more readily available and are more commodity type items. Yoyo isn’t demanding the same numbers as the items I typically need/want. Plus, with these high end yoyos, I bet they aren’t cranking them out by the cargo container and shipping them across the Pacific.

So, you have multiple choices.
1: Shop YYE. I gotta say I like it here and the customer service.
2: Shop somewhere else. Hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. For me, some places don’t carry what I have when I need it or doesn’t carry it, so I have to go somewhere else. I always give my favorite place first shot at it.
3: Shop via marketplace type environments. Buy/Sell/Trade, Ebay.
4: Retail stores seem to lack selection. Flea markets might have potential but probably not a great selection IF any. Specialty retailers is the way to go.