Can someone help me with a new yoyo purchase

I have had the dv888 for quite a while now, it has lots of dings and I’m looking for a new yoyo. I haven’t been on the site for a while and know that lots of new releases have been made. Can someone help me find a yoyo in the 60-120 dollar range?

MAybe a CLYW or A I love yoyo

maybe a yyf boss, protege or a yukksta,

A CLYW is a great throw and this forum here and another are going to be restocking very soon. Also one of my favorite throws and it was the next one I got after a DV888 was a General Yo Hatrick which is amazing. I know a site that still has some in stock for $100 pm if you want it.

Yeah, they’re going to get the final run of Peaks, and that’s it for the Peaks. :’( :-\ :-[ >:( :frowning:

Any Fundametal yoyo seems like It’d be good for you.

What kind of shape are you looking for?

Yoyojam Night Moves 5 is the way to go!

Yeah its a bummer, The only peak I have is a 50/50 Grizzly Bear Clown Town, But I love it. i sure hope I can snatch up a Final run Peak before they are all gone.

I would either get the boss or protege. They both rock

my dv888 has a weird vibe and it is big, I prefer a yoyo that has a big gap, anything that is not a boss.

Yuuksta. Great price, good specs.

Protege is the way to go no doubt