Found throw:Plz close

(Thomas Bellotti) #1

Hey guys and gals, I was hoping to aquire a nice CLYW to add to my small (but growing) collection.

I’m brand new to all things yoyo, so I’ve been doing a lot of reading on here. From what I’ve gathered CLYW makes some throws that I’m very interested in trying out. I just bought myself a banshee from a member here to add to my shutter and magic yoyo collection, so now I’m looking for something from the Caribou guys .

I’m not sure what model I’m looking for exactly, but I’ve read that a lot of their stuff is based on a similar shape, so I’m open to see what people have got.

So let me know if anyone has anything they’re willing to cut me a good deal on, and I’d really appreciate it. I’m PayPal ready to show me whatcha got

Thanks so much for taking the time to check this out. This community rocks!!



I would go Peak (newer versions)! That AL7 scout someone just put up for sale in #buy-sell-trade would be another solid choice :wink:


I got a nice textured white powder coated Peak 2 if that suits your fancy.

(Thomas Bellotti) #4

Hey I appreciate it, sounds like a nice throw, but unfortunately I’m looking for something less round.

Thanks for the offer though, dude! Cheers

({John15}) #5

Go to the BST category and type in “CLYW” in the search bar. Sort by “most recent topic” and have a look


PM’d you

(Thomas Bellotti) #7

Ya I have been looking, but I figured I’d make a post too for a the people who might be willing to sell a throw they hadn’t necessarily posted up F/S


I have an orca. Was one of my first unresponsives that really got me heavily into yoyo. If you’d like pics of it shoot me a pm

(Thomas Bellotti) #9

Pm’d ya