Code 1 or Wooly Marmot?

I just got some cash and was thinking about getting a new throw.

I currently have a Dv888 and a G5.

I want to buy a high end yoyo and narrowed it down to either the Code 1 or the marmot.

I love my Dv888 and would like another undersized yoyo, but I also want to branch out and try other full sized yoyos (I’m not a huge fan of my G5).

Which on should I get? Also, any other recommendations are welcome!

I’ll tell you what, man, I love smaller yo yos too. But I got to throw around a Code 1 recently and it is fantastic, even though it’s bigger than what I would prefer. Those 10 ball bearings really are as good as they say. It’s very smooth, silent, and surprisingly light. But, if it were my money I might go ahead and buy the Marmot just because I prefer my yo yos undersized. I don’t know, it’s a really tough call. I hope I helped, but I have a feeling I might have made the decision even harder. Oops. Good luck!

Well, you don’t like the G5, that’s probably because of the size and H-shape, right? I’d say go for the Marmot. If you can’t stand a G5, a CODE1 would probably be bad news.

I’m sort of debating a Wooly Marmot or a Battosai…the marmot looks too similar in shape to the DV888, but I love the 28 stories splash design. The Battosai looks different than anything i have with the rounded rims.

I LOVE my one drop 54, so I would always recommend one drop.

if you want full sixed get yyf genesis or clyw sasquatch. for undersized i would say that marmot you want or yyf chaotic

Be a hipster and get a CODE1 brah!!!

I’m sorry… what?

All them boys be gettin’ they CODE1s brah!!!

then how is that being a hipster???

I have no idea.

Thanks for the advice!

I decided to get a dingo because it was cheap, small, and from one drop.

I’m definitely going to check out CLYW for a full sized later this month