How do you know which throw is right for you?

It’s been a week with my dv888 and it’s fun. I’m already on the advanced part 1 tricks. Kinda cool seeing all those boxes checked on the card I got.

Anyway, I know I want to upgrade and there are a lot of choices out there. Also there seems to be some must have throws that everyone seems to love (see my other post).

I’ve been reading a lot of forums and a bunch of names keeping coming up…

Wooly Marmot
Code 1

I don’t have $600 - $700 to just buy all of these to find out which one I like. Is it truly trial and error? Buy one, then if you don’t like it, post it up in the b/s/t ?

Even with the CLYW line, the Avalanche, Sasquatch and Gnarwhal seem to be very similar, just different measurements and weights.

Unfortunately it is a trial and error kind of thing. One of the best things is to try and hit up a contest or a meet and try as many yoyos as you can.

From your list i’d suggest the 54 or the code 1 simply because you have the option to change the weight so you can find which weight suits you.

The preferences will generally just develop as you play, since you are still on advance level tricks it shouldn’t make too much of a difference to you. The preferences generally develop as your style develops, hence why beginners tend not to have strong preferences because they have yet to develop a style which has certain throws that suit it best.

I totally agree with trial and error. Although I’m new and lack experience, I still think that this is the best way to go. I also agree that beginners(Which I am one) don’t have any real preferences. I have a small assortment of different yoyos, I like them all. My preference is the Dark Magic II that I purchased to really get into this.

As far as your rationale that you don’t have $600-700(or more) to spend, yeah, I feel that. Nobody wants to waste money on expensive yoyos, especially if they feel they don’t like them. Now you gotta deal with the buy/sell/trade. Or, you can buy used and inherit problems from previously used gear.

I wonder if this idea is any valid:
If there is a local yoyo club, chances are there’s a bunch of folks with a wide variety of stuff between them. Chances are, many of them will let you try their stuff out. Maybe some are more lenient and may let you borrow it for a time, such as a few hours, days or a week or two. This way, you can have a chance to sampler a larger selection that you’d normally not have access to, then through this experience, perhaps direct purchases towards something you have found a preference for.

Actually, the b/s/t is a great place… There aren’t really any problems with used yoyos that wouldn’t be mentioned (hopefully) and it’s pretty unlikely that the yoyos would play different from new. That and you have the opportunity to get a hold of older yoyos that aren’t made anymore. But yeah, trying out other people’s yoyos is a good idea.


not only can you buy yoyos that are out of production, but you can get some great deals. like an 888 for $35, lunatic for $36, or 2 sigma blade zweis for $40. I’ve never had a problem with anything I’ve gotten from there.

but just another thing to add to this thread, I’ve never “not liked” a throw. I like some more than others of course, but I still like to throw all of mine. from a dm1 to a code 1 to a lunatic, they’re all good. I personally really like floaty yoyos usually, but it’s still fun to use something that’s a bit different sometimes instead of throwing the same thing all the time.

In my experience in general with B/S/T(not in the ones for yoyo, haven’t done this yet in this area), I find that often something is for sale for a reason besides “I want money for this”.

Case and point:
Bought a system processor. The phantom power for the measurement mic port is dead. I haven’t taken it apart yet to fix it, but I went ahead and spent $20 for a phantom power supply to get me by until I spend $30 to ship it off and another $150 to get that fix and the dying LCD display replaced and firmware updated. No big deal, right? $2400 out of production unit going for $800, will cost me another $150 to get to acceptable. Had I known this issue to be true(I asked to verify and they said it phantom power worked on the measurement mic port and they said YES), I’d have passed and gotten something else or a different one.

But, in regards to yoyo, relative terms such as vibe and wobble are often correctable with a better throw unless there is some sort of damage. Plus, it’s nice to see most sellers saying stuff about nicks, dings and scratches, any mods they’ve done and other stuff.

Well, I don’t have any of the throws on that list.

I’d recommend getting yoyos that are quite different to each other. If you already have a lighter throw, get a heavy one. If you have a floaty yoyo, buy a solid one next time. If you have a big yoyo, buy a small one.

Even though I love zippy yoyos (Speeder), I love having variety to play with.

If you can’t stop playing with one yoyo, there you find the right one for you.

I recommend to follow others suggestion to meet with other thrower, either go to a meet or a contest. Just ask anyone to try any yoyo that you interested, and I believe that anyone would let you to.

That what I always do.

Well, the ones on your list get mentioned lots because they are all good.

You should probably think about what you like to do, what sort of styles you are interested in.
Try to see which one suits those needs.

But I agree with many of the above,
You will probably want many types, over time.
I have lots of yo-yos I love them all. They all get a turn in the carry bag.

My two Favourites are the Dreadnought G and the Popstar.


So, what is the difference between the Addiction 2 and Addiction? How can I tell them apart?