Want some recommendations

I currently throw a YYJ Dark Magic v1, and am looking to order something new within the next few months, and was wondering for some recommendations. something not YYJ, more than likely YYF though(i want to feel the different companies throws)

preferably something within the 70-90$ range

thanks a bunch :smiley:

edit: i don’t really have preferences, cause i’ve only had one throw. but i do like heavier feeling yo yo’s. gap size and all that, i’m not to sure off. thanks a bunch :smiley:


The Y factor is a really good yoyo, also look at these ones

3yo3 Bassline

RecRev Yoyoshttp://shop.yoyoexpert.com/manufacturer/23/Recreational%20Revolution

String Theory yoyoshttp://shop.yoyoexpert.com/manufacturer/11/String-Theory-Yoyo


the string theory yoyo ‘quark’ looks pretty nice, any good reviews about it?

I love my Genesis and Campfire. Campfire was my first metal.

The boss seems like a good choice for you

it looks amazing! i think i’ve found my choice.

thank you:)

Yea the boss is an insane yoyo I really like it