want new yoyo!!!


Good evening everyone. I am currently looking for another yoyo. I currently have a 888x, hitman, and dark magic. could anyone give me some suggestions.

Here are my preferences:
weight:medium to heavy
shape:preferably rounded butterfly, but not awfully important
response:i dont care as long as its unresponsive

thank you in advance, Steve


Primo, Boss, Superstar, eneme :wink:


undersized is the key i really dont like fullsized but maybe the eneme i just never played and xconvict are they any good


you could get the new Duncan Hugo z Hor its undersized rounded shape and unresponive, it looks really cool to me

(Jamesofyoyo) #5

Hatrick. Might be a tad light for you though.

wrong section


ive been thinking about the hatrick is it really floaty?


DV888 also my friend throws a grindmachiene and prostar he also has a dv888