whats everyones input on some oversized yoyos? which ones are good for you?

recently got the 888x for xmas after throwing a DM2 for quite a while, seems like a huge size difference and i like the bigger size of the DM2.

i was thinking a superstar might be a good fit for me?



I just got a Hitman Pro, and like you I was throwing a dark magic 2. Man it feels weird. I can nearly wrap my hand around it entirely, and although it bounces off the string like rubber I just can’t get it to work like I could with my DM. Now having 2 yo yo’s, I can safely say I think I like the larger size better. Width of the two is about the same, but the diameter couldn’t be more different… well, it could be. I could have gotten a Micro Mo or a Mighty Flea, i guess.

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Both of you need to learn to adjust. Also, if you like the 888x, a DNA or Mutant DNA might be a good choice, as they are full sized 888’s.

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Oversized as in Wide dimater?
I dont like the Jioririan but I like full sized width wise.
Its more fun.
Confections,Superwide[Eh],Revenger,Pro,Etc are really fun
I don’t like ones that are just hugely diameter and the catch zone is the same as a regular throw.


I am currently using a Duncan Metal drifterand it is so tiny i feel like i am gonna break it, and it is 2.07in. and weighs in at 61 grams problem with it is sometime when I bind it will jam up and it doesnt have the weight to push through it. I also have a cheap Duncan Freestyle it is 2.28 in. and beefs in at 66.5g it never gets bound up to tough to push it out but it is not a balnaced yo at all so i am going for an oversized for my next one seems loggical choice.


I like the idea of larger yoyos, but i havnt found any that i like so i settle for full size diameter… another option would be to get an offstring yoyo and drop a C size bearing in it… any of the yyj offstrings that use the narrow bearing sould be able to use a size C because the narrow bearing is simply half as wide…


Bah. 56 is full not over. The Jiro is over, but I hated it. I liked the H5, but it was so big that I couldn’t do certain tricks with it. Current favorites are the Overdrive and DreadG, both at 62mm. Love em.


i don’t feel any uncomfortable with sleipnir, a dreadnought is ok also, it’s about how well it plays not the size I think. I know some people love undersized but that become history when the sleipnir comes to their hand.


the YYF MVP is a good oversized yoyo. for me its a little uncomfortable to hold because i have extremely small hands and it is a giant v shape type thingy


Overdrive is 59.5mm but you’ve got the right idea. Anyone interested in trying some oversized needs some YYR in their life. I used to be a hardcore undersized fan. Then I got some play time in with a Dreadnought (regular and G), Sleipnir, and Overdrive, and my undersized kick was done for.


yah the DNA looks pretty good, i might pick one up soon! thanks for your help =]

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It does look cool doesn’t it? As for me, I don’t really mind the size as long as it plays well. I do however have slight preferences to 50-52mm and ~56mm diameters.


the more the oversized the more the better! ;D


If it weren’t for the lack of response, weight, 1-way bearing, and the extremely wide gap, I would probably try yoyoing my diabolo. I guess the next best thing is to get my hands on a YYJ Big-Yo.


Something better than a Superstar, the RecRev Mangaroo. It has a similar shape and is a bit wider, which I think makes it more comfortable.

But yeah, I like larger throws better. But I honestly don’t consider size when I’m buying, as I am comfortable with all sizes.


One drop Burnside. Reasonable price, and just plain BOSS. Try one, you wont regret it!


What my pal here said! I acquired both a dreadnought lite and overdrive in the past month and they’re ridiculously fun. Highly recommend them


YYF Catalyst YYF G5+ and the One Drop Code1.

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I actually need to use oversized yoyos!
I have giant hands so when I use an undersized yoyo, it just doesn’t look right.