Want a Dark Magic but terrified of the YYJ Vibe.

Alrighty. So this is gonna sound stupid but.

I’ve had I think 4 Dark magics.

2 were beaten and cracked when I got them.

1 I bought from A2Z. Played great but my dad left it at a hotel the day after I bought it.

1 was my first yoyo and I beat the crap out of it so i dont remember.

Frankly, I love the yoyo. Love the shape, weight, etc.

BUT. I absolutely 500% canNOT stand vibe. Im a freak about it, some people like it. But i hate it.

Im afraid to get another one because Im afraid it will vibe. I was gonna buy 2, swap halves. Dual Silicone it, red shim it, and KK it. and do some other things. Basically. Pimp it out. :smiley:

But Im still just afraid of that vibe.What can I do? I dont wanna drop 100 bucks on the yoyo and supplies just have it vibe.

well, I can’t guarentee that it won’t have vibe, but I have a dark magic (also, it doesn’t need dual sili, the hybrid works nicely) and it has very little vibe. I don’t think that it has enough to make anyone mad or anything (also, I am a little picky about vibe also, but I get used to it). So, I would buy one and just hope it doesnt have vibe. if it does then you can just trade it :smiley:

Buy one Dark Magic, then send it to a modder to do all the mods you want plus have him tune it. That will cost you less than $60 instead of $100

I’ve had my orange Dark Magic for about 5 and a half months now. My dark magic is stock, the only thing I did to it was lube it like a month ago. Mine is perfectly smooth and has no vibe at all. None of my yyj’s have any vibe whatsoever. my xconvict and legacy are perfectly smooth too, and all 3 of these yo-yo’s are extremely damaged and dinged. Just yesterday I dropped my Dark Magic 6 times in the street while practicing 5A with my neighbor on his drive-way, and it still doesn’t have vibe or wobble. I don’t understand what was wrong with yours, but mine is great. I love it!

I think you should go for it and get the Dark Magic. They’re great

~Hope this helped

THe chance of getting a vibing DM is greater than the chance of getting a smooth one I guess. You have to get it tuned or not buy it. One of those options result in you not getting the yoyo.

My Dark Magic has a small amount of vibe. But it’s not enough to stop me from loving the yoyo. If I give it an accurate throw there isn’t vibe.

I have gotten several different YYJ yoyos and have yet to get this supposed “YYJ vibe.” Look for some HG yoyos, such as the Spinfaktor HG. I have had 4 different ones, none of which had any problems, except one that had some cracked plastic.