Want a chance to win big with only a yoyo?


send a email of your favorite yoyo trick or combo to this email : mvdogaming@gmail.com do not send any personal information with the video other then your yoyoexpert username on the forums. Also give me the name of the yoyo you have used in the video. If You win i will send you a private message on the yoyoexpert and you will choose if you want: 100 dollars cash! or a yoyo of your choosing on yoyoexpert.com the yoyo has to be less then 200$ so send now!


Something smells suspicious…


This doesn’t sound like a scam at all…


Scam much…

(WildCat23) #5

Geez, give him a break, he’s probably new to that game.


How can I trust you😯


… Scam or not, it’s just a video of you throwing. It’s not like you give any personal info… I’m thinking about making a video for this tomorrow…


Yup. And going to a condo presentation in Puerto Vallarta is just a presentation… you just have to listen to someone, and they’ll even give you free food and free passes to some local entertainment!

^^ the above is “true”, but you’ll never catch me at a condo presentation.

(JosephP) #9

If you win that’s when you’ll be giving the personal info :wink:

(Waylon) #10

Enter. I bet you’ll win. All you’ll have to do is cover the shipping before your prize gets sent out. I bet everyone who enters wins.


When does this contest end.


Sorta seems two months ago you needed to sell stuff to make rent/bills; but this month you have a spare 200 dollars to offer up (according to your own history) I really like to believe in people being altruistic, but come on.


When does this offer end?