Wanna hear a joke?

Offstring with a Mighty Flea.

it’s bad but whatever

Looping with budda king!

lololololoolololololololol! :smiley:

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Doing Ladder Ecscape with a profly.

Walking the Dog with the S-Kon Nostalgia.

Using a boat for seasick. Trust me it’s much easier to land.



Definitely not for the timid!


Wow thats gotta take some skill.

5a with a brain. Lololololololololololollol

Arm wrestling against JD?

Chopsticks with a Jirrorian.

Studio 42 leaving one sentence posts?


Me not yo-yoing ;D

Me selling a yyf 2.0 for $17 O.o

chopsticks with big yo

horizontal with a duncan imperial

Any string tricks With an imperial

That guy has some skills! i wouldn’t even be able to land a kyo mount with that!

I have done chopsticks mount with a go big.

The second Vid of the 4a was me :D, instant replay ftw! and ive only been throwing for the since september O.o, any ways if you have a flea, try it!