waiting for emails/pms

have you ever had an email you are waiting on… rawr…

I’ve had emails sent to companies about a question, more than once sometimes like if it’s been over a week, that were never replied to.

hmm… im thinking bout something similar. not why im complaining tho xD. lol… you give your email to someone to tell em to pass it on and it is really hard to wait for it to get to the final destination…


long convo of me mainly talking to myself. i think ive finally cracked

there more xD

<CarlG_Guest>: deranged cackle
<CarlG_Guest>: i wonder how messed up stuff can get when going into using 7 whole parties
<CarlG_Guest>: is the plural of party in the sense of groups/people parties or parys?
: Seriously, why has hardly anything been done with these 2 together? This is comedic gold, people
<CarlG_Guest>: patys
<CarlG_Guest>: partys
: parties
<CarlG_Guest>: o wait, i think i know a way in…
<CarlG_Guest>: darn
<CarlG_Guest>: they bcc everyone
<CarlG_Guest>: i think i should give up for a week shouldt i?
: This is my friendship. There are many like it, but this one is mine
: Just noticed how that joke won’t work past the first sentence…
<CarlG_Guest>: i would rather shorten it to a 4 party transaction, but then the lady in the office in charge of the darned choir in pheonix would think im a playa’

I read this before the link but I’ll post here…