Ignorant Email Practices Pet Peeves

Just a short rant about ignorant email practices…

  • Attaching video files to an email that causes them to take an inordinate amount of time to download from your email server. Come on people most of the stuff you send you copped from either youtube, facebook, tik tok or instagram. So just send the link awready. :nauseated_face:

  • Failing to use the “BCC” (blind copy) option when sending a message to a diverse group of people who probably don’t know each other. If you’re sending an announcement to your book club or golf buddies who all know each other “CC” is fine, otherwise use “BCC”. :wink:

  • Forwarding an email that’s been forwarded 20 or 30 times to at least 15 people each time, so the email address chain contains 200 or more addresses. Usually the email address chain is significantly longer than the email message. It takes one or two mouse actions to remove the email addresses before you forward it. I’ve even educated my wifey on how to do it and she concurs. In any event, observing the “BCC” advice above would also alleviate this problem. :disappointed:

  • Forwarding “chain mail” messages with an admonition to send the message to 25 friends to avoid dire consequences or reap great rewards. I probably don’t even have 25 friends. :cry:


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Wait till you see what I’m sending you on April 1st! (I’m so excited!) :eyes:


Companies that think that sending out marketing emails every other day make for happy, loyal customers. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes, forgot that one.

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emoticons in professional emails

email stationary

comic sans!!! (anyone who thinks this is a legitimate typeface in ANY context has to rethink that choice)

absurdly long signatures

arbitrary ‘certification titles’ in signature lines (think Steve Brown, Certified Mixologist)… these are saved for doctors, lawyers, etc like @yoyodoc . (Mo Chavez, PhD, BS)

long (or terribly chosen) inspirational quotes in signature lines

comic frickin sans


Comic Sans is one of the easiest fonts for people with dyslexia to read. So maybe you should rethink?

Now Papyrus…

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i have a friend with dyslexia that thinks it’s as lame as i…

and papyrus!

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It looks better, imo, than some of the free dyslexia-targeted fonts

But I mean yeah it doesn’t look great, and as that page shows, there’s lots of other dyslexia-friendly fonts that don’t look like they belong in an elementary school.

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After reading your rant (loved it), I believe you just need to do one thing, just one. Surround yourself with a better class of people. Picking friends and acquaintances shouldn’t be like picking low hanging fruit bud. Bwahaha! :apple: :green_apple: :cherries: :pear:

Sometimes you got to tell people, “So long you ignorant emailer.”


when i worked as a graphic designer, we had various clients… some already had a vision of what they wanted. we had a well-established elementary school client that would have regular designed work, as well as
occasional one-off designs. for an elementary school, they always had to ‘be fun’.

years of countless designs, the other artist and i (him several more prior and after). try to put anything but comic sans in… “it looks great, but can you change the font to something more fun?” it became the running joke, for any design… “something fun… how about comic sans?”

my wife, an elementary school teacher as well, told me of the comic sans ‘fun factor’… everyone there thought it was fun too.

i made stickers for her and her friends that said i :heart: comic sans, in comic sans… i can’t find any now though

i’m an engineer, for an agency, and i don’t take many private emails

the lowest laying fruit i hang with is here :wink:

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This thread is bringing back awful memories of my days working in I.T.

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my wife found the comic sans stickers!


Only people over 70 years of age FWD: jokes. And these emails usually have 30 of the recipients email addresses visible. I don’t want to read FWD: jokes or watch funny videos. I also can’t stand FWD: that contain social commentary supposedly written by a celebrity that I have debunked with a 10 second search. No, Tim Allen, George Carlin, or whoever, did not write that.

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[quote=“ChrisFrancz, post:15, topic:323672, full:true”]
Only people over 70 years of age FWD: jokes. And these emails usually have 30 of the recipients email addresses visible…[/quote]

Totally disagree. I’ve seen this behavior for at least 20 years from a very diverse demographic… :upside_down_face:

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I should have written “in my experience.” I was not being ageist. I should have left age out of it and it would have been better.