Spam via yoyoexpert?

This is strange, just now I was checking my mail, and I had a message from some random person, it looked to be a legit email and everything. Here it is:

So is this real or spam? Sounds like spam to me. =/

Very very strange O_o.

Yeah, the email was from Canada…

Various renditions of jelin are notorious email spammers. Jelin and all of the alternate accounts I can find here related to that name have been dealt with. There were about 5. Is your email public in your profile?

Yes, my email is public, I like it to be though…

ok - that’s good to hear, otherwise it would be a sign that jelin is smarter than I thought.

LOL, yeah that would suck. So was “Jelin” and all the other “Jelin’s” under the same IP? Or what was it?

I got the same email! So it HAS to be real!!!
We are studs.

That we be mate, that we be.

No, similar and from the same region, but different addresses.

Ah gotcha, well at least I know not to do anything with this email other than delete it. XD

Of course it’s real, she obviously just a very notorius stalker :stuck_out_tongue:


Are you Jelin? I’m totally Jelin. Jelin like a felon.

Actually it’s probably spoofed. All of the jelin related accounts I’ve seen have an IP address that points to Senegal. That could be spoofed as well for all I know.

Why be so quick to point the finger? I’d of killed to have had a friend at that age.

If you like I can send you all of “her” email addresses.
“She’s” bound to answer one of them. :wink:

Think I can round me up a new girl?

Sure thing. :wink:

funny. im laughing sarcastic laugh