Spam via yoyoexpert?

(Bradley Moss) #1

This is strange, just now I was checking my mail, and I had a message from some random person, it looked to be a legit email and everything. Here it is:

So is this real or spam? Sounds like spam to me. =/


Very very strange O_o.

(Bradley Moss) #3

Yeah, the email was from Canada…


Various renditions of jelin are notorious email spammers. Jelin and all of the alternate accounts I can find here related to that name have been dealt with. There were about 5. Is your email public in your profile?

(Bradley Moss) #5

Yes, my email is public, I like it to be though…


ok - that’s good to hear, otherwise it would be a sign that jelin is smarter than I thought.

(Bradley Moss) #7

LOL, yeah that would suck. So was “Jelin” and all the other “Jelin’s” under the same IP? Or what was it?


I got the same email! So it HAS to be real!!!
We are studs.

(Bradley Moss) #9

That we be mate, that we be.


No, similar and from the same region, but different addresses.

(Bradley Moss) #11

Ah gotcha, well at least I know not to do anything with this email other than delete it. XD

(M²) #12

Of course it’s real, she obviously just a very notorius stalker :stuck_out_tongue:

(Bradley Moss) #13



Are you Jelin? I’m totally Jelin. Jelin like a felon.


Actually it’s probably spoofed. All of the jelin related accounts I’ve seen have an IP address that points to Senegal. That could be spoofed as well for all I know.

(Q) #16

Why be so quick to point the finger? I’d of killed to have had a friend at that age.


If you like I can send you all of “her” email addresses.
“She’s” bound to answer one of them. :wink:

(Q) #18

Think I can round me up a new girl?


Sure thing. :wink:


funny. im laughing sarcastic laugh