BEWARE: Do not Buy From Olmec2039 or Lilput86542, johan081, merc3, jipy39


Almost positive this member tried to scam me. I posted a “LF” topic in which i was lookingfor the splash edition of the DV888 he replied with a picture and said he wanted 50. I gladly accepted and then later googled DV888 splash edition. The exact picture he sent me popped up. The source of the picture is here ::). As you can tell this person tried selling this yoyo back in august from the UK. This person was from the United States.

It could be possible that he puchased this from the seller on yoyonation a few months ago, but when i asked for more pictures he said his camera suddenly stopped working. (sketchy).

Another hint that he was a scammer is that his email linked to his profile, was not the same as the one that requested the payment on paypal.

So if you get a message from either of these usernames BEWARE. Both are the same person as he messaged me saying he forgot his password to the first name.



Just an fyi - Lilput86542 is johan081.
olmec2039 may very well be too.


OK - here’s the current list of accounts associated with johan081. If your name is on here and you feel it is unfairly posted here, contact me via PM.








Ehh, NO - he didn’t forget the password. The account was banned so he made a new one.

New name, same guy:


Idiot, using the same e-mail on more then one account.


They are 100% the same person. He originally PMed me with lilput. Then he came back with olmec and said it was a new account because he forgot his password to lilput…



He didn’t forget the password, the account was banned, as is Olmec2039 now.
Thanks for the heads up.

(Vizoh) #7

is jamoha98 on natiion the same as this guy with his multiple accounts i know it just sounds similar so just asking


I doubt it. Jamoha98 has almost 70 positive feedback. And if he really forgot his password, he could of had it sent to his email.

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ok thanks


New name, same guy: