Request an Answer for your Pm's.

I think you should be able to ask the other person ,in a Pm, to respond to your PM by checking a box or something. This could tip the other person off that you request a response. I could be saying like “okay thanks”, for which I wouldn’t want a response. But if I were asking something like “When are you shipping?” I might want a reply. I’m not sure if I explained this in the right way, any feedback?

I usually just say " awaiting your pm" or “pm me please.” This usually tips them off that I’m waiting. I think I’ll use this method until there is a check box for it. :wink:

I don’t know that we actually have the opition to activate such a feature.

Ok, thanks for the feedbacK.

It would seem to me that the nature of the message would dictate if a response is expected. Or am I expecting too much common sense on the part of the ordinary, average guy?

My thoughts exactly.