Possibly adding a feature to messages inbox (PM)

Like your average personal messenger facebook, yahoo, and even iphones your able to see if the other party has seen/viewed your message(s).
I would personally like to have the feature just to know when somebody has seen my message so im not left hanging and sending multiple messages waiting on a reply, when the last thing they said was “paypal good with you for payment” or “If the throw you posted is still available, I’m down!”

This would minimize waiting time for BST’s because if you know for sure they read your message and whom ever dont/stop replying or even goes offline in the middle, near, or end of a deal you can minimize that down time by waiting up to a set mandatory response time like 6,12, or 24 hours ect. so you can know when to move on about your BST’s on YoYo eXpert forums just so your not stuck waiting 1-3 days on a response… Then you decide to BST your throw(s) that “JohnnyThrow” didnt reply until the 3-4 day to finish the deal… So that leaves you stuck as the bad guy getting possible negative feedback because “JohnnyThrow” is butt hurt saying I thought we had a deal, seeing he had a late reply/sob story and you needed money quick so you moved on about your business, mainly to avoid conflict, negative feedback/comments , and extended BST time ect.

Hope to see this possibly be considered on the forums to help speed things up a bit, and help make the moderators jobs a little bit easier… Like i said just and idea hope YYE/USERS like it!



I don’t think the forum software has that capability.