BST Rant


Disclaimer: Personal opinion here…

Generally there is no need to post a reply in a BST offer topic that you have PM’d the guy. Most people are automagically notified that they have a PM. In effect, it’s a “Free Bump”. On the subject of BST replies of offers etc, please refrain from doing so. Reply to the offer via a PM. It’s a courtesy to others.

Speaking of “Free Bumps”, let’s quit giving BST “Free Bumps”. You are not doing the general population any favors in doing so.


I understand that technology is magic but I believe you meant automatically :wink:

My opinion: I dislike when people do this as well. However if one believes there is misinformation in the bst, then it should be advertised in the bst as a reply until it is fixed or resolved.


imho nobody but the OP should be able to post in a BST thread. I’ve had guys post in my thread and then a week later PM me angry that I never responded to them. I never saw their post. I will never see their posts. The only thing I do in my BST threads is edit them to update, and reply to bump.


Yes, I agree on this, especially if someone knows the offer may not be as good as it sounds. However, this does not extend to comments or disagreements about pricing.


Hey! I sent all you guys a PM with my take on this matter.

So don’t forget to check your PM messages on this Forum so you can read what I have to say.

Sorry about the bump but I have to make sure you guys don’t miss my important opinion.

I’ll check back in; in 4 minutes.



I actually checked my PM inbox :stuck_out_tongue: lies!!! :wink:


Classical rants are my favorite.


real rants are at least four paragraphs long, include SOME ALL CAPS AND !!!, and aren’t
preface with a disclaimer.
excellent points on the BST though, thank you sir.


I would also like to complain about people who dont read. No i wont change my prices, no i wont ship to the other side of the planet. I spelled it all out, just read it. Dont act like im the bad guy when i dont respond because you didnt read.


This. I always reply as a courtesy, but people getting mad when you won’t bend from your post is unnecessary.

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Another reason to never post on a BST would be getting a “unread post” hit when you click that, and its always just a bump. Ive made that mistake before.


Your earlier post about that saved me from making that mistake!

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“I’m to busy/lazy to post pics of my yoyo’s but if you really want me to and you beg hard enough I’ll send individualized pics of the requested yoyo.” :-\

Sheesh! ::slight_smile: