Ignore another user option?

I know that it is possible to block/ignore the personal messages (PMs) sent by a specific user, but will it ever be possible to ignore specific users on all the message boards? I know we should all get along and respect each other’s opinions and points of view, but for those rare occasions when we would like to hide posts from a certain member to make the experience more enjoyable, could this feature be added?

Message boards are, more often than not, a product of the users that visit to post their thoughts. And when there is a user or multiple users that share thoughts that are rude, belittling, or snide, I personally don’t feel that user is posting within the realm of civility. Even when someone is knowledgeable, it doesn’t give them carte blanche to talk down to other members - no matter how they feel about the quality of a post.

But, since it’s nearly impossible to ask a member to change their attitude because that is who they are, I think it’s only appropriate to give each user the chance to decide what they want to read and what they don’t. It would be nice to know that everyone is here to help each other, but in reality that is simply not the case.

Loads of annoying members on here for sure.

That wasn’t meant for me, was it? :wink:

I know I started the post, but maybe focusing on the negative members is not the way to go here. I’d rather focus on the good to great members and show that by streamlining the content, it can make it a much more positive experience.

Another use would be to ignore BST’ers who have proven that they are not someone with whom I would want to do business. I’m aware that those proven to be scammers can be banned from the site altogether, but it would sure be nice to filter out the BST posts of certain members when it’s clear they’re selling or trading tactics are less than the level that I personally would aspire to.

Unfortunately I do not believe that is a feature we will be able to accommodate. Sometimes when people get behind a computer they feel they can say whatever they want without consequence, we can’t really prevent that but we try to moderate it the best we can.

If someone is speaking down to you contact one of the moderators and we will handle the situation, we do not want the forums to be a negative experience for anyone here!

Comments like these are a part of the problem, try to prevent them in the future yoyo.

Thanks for the response, Garrett. I figured it would be a request that was difficult to fulfill, but I do think it has some advantages.

It would have advantages for some people initially, but in the end there would be a lot of confusion and double posts if some people could not see everyone’s posts in the thread.

There is actually a button on the bottom of each post and reply that says “Report to Moderator” where you can show a moderator what people are saying if you do not like it and think it is disrespectful or something.

Or you could just choose not to read it, like a big boy.

How do you make it through your day if you have to ask for members on a yoyo board to be silenced? Everywhere, all the time people are going to be rude, and have differing opinions. Maybe learn to avoid situations you don’t enjoy on your own.

This place is really tame for the internet anyways.

Umm… you want think that through, Mikers? You want me to choose not to read something that I might consider rude without having read it yet? Sheer genius…
Oh, and you proved one point for why a feature like this would be handy. You didn’t like my opinion about something and you went straight to rude and obnoxious. Completely unnecessary too. Because by your own claim, you should have chosen not to read this topic and avoided this situation. Hmm, funny how things turn out, isn’t it? ;D

It’s always a pleasure reading your posts. I laugh more than I should.