Ignore user - broken?

I think that ignore is broken. The user I ignored posts started coming up, and no matter what timeframe I put on them now doesn’t matter. I also tried ignoring someone else as a test and can’t ignore them either.

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I think you can only ignore certain things, either messages or posts. I can’t remember. @codinghorror will know.

It’s the same user I always ignore. Their posts usual showed something like “1 ignored post or view ignored content” now I go to re-up their ignored status and I check, posts still there click their name and status back to “normal”

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Did someone say something? I heard a noise.

Someone do a test and try to ignore me for a day, see if my posts still appear…


It should work, the only thing that was broken is real time replies… that, is replies which arrive while you are idling at the bottom of the topic. Those replies inserted in real time as they arrive did not respect ignore due to a bug which was recently fixed. :bug:

But if you are arriving in a topic after their reply was posted – which should be much more common – it should always be properly suppressed if you have that person on ignore.

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Then there’s a problem with my account. I just ignored the user again, scrolled down and it shows their most liked posts. Clicked top post and it showed the hidden replies message (as it should) now back to list of threads, scroll down, see users name, click on thread, their reply is there and their status when I click the username is back to normal not ignored. Want screenshots? I’m on latest version of iOS using safari and I’m probably also logged in on my PC.

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So I just used @moby323 as a test subject to see if it’s effecting more users than my target. It is, here’s the screenshots in chronological order starting with right after ignoring him then clicking his top post:

Hey! I resent that


No disrespect meant. See if you can ignore me as punishment… betcha can’t, because the feature is broken.

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Well I was raised to turn the other cheek, so to speak.

But just to help with your experiment I will ignore twitch and send him a PM that says I don’t want to be his friend anymore.

I’ll let you know if it works or if he will still talk to me.


Are you referring to QUOTES within the post, or actual posts by that user? Because your screenshot shows a quote. The feature does hide quotes of that user’s text as well, so that’s by design.

Maybe this is a misunderstanding?

Nope. Just the screenshot happens to be a quote. And that still wouldn’t account of the status changing back from ignore to normal. I’m going to DM you proof and then I’m done pursuing this unless discourse puts a bug bounty out. Then I’m Dawg the Bug Bounty Hunter.

I’m not aware of anything that could change a user’s status from ignore back to normal; we have no other reports of that across the entire network of thousands of websites running Discourse. Are you running any unusual browser plugins or settings?

Shhhhh!.. I’m trying to read how to do this so I can ignore you.

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I see the confusion. Max ignore duration is 4 months; the ignore expired.


I’m too awesome to be ignored forever, sorry

wow !! you can ignore people.
This modern technology is just like real life :grinning: Next you’ll be saying crazy things like “meat will come in little boxes”.
I’m still trying to get to grips with Flag and i’m too scared to try pressing the Share button.

Let me turn this around since I feel like this looks like me ranting about something I can’t understand. To make this interesting, I bet you this Higby FHZ (#8 of 500) that I can provide video evidence that for at least my account, I can’t ignore someone and have them stay ignored for any amount of time beyond looking at one post. Wager anything you want.


@egon that’s hysterical lol.

On a serious note, have you tried logging in on different devices? An iPad or computer?