Wait, Sterling Quinn Quit Team YoYoJam?

It says in http://worldscountdown.googlepages.com/home. That Sterling Quinn is in the YoYoFactory Contest Team.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4314Q-eYjk He’s wearing the Team YoYoJam shirt but in this photo it shows him wearing a Superstar shirt…


basicley he ditched YYJ and joined YYF.

old news…

Sterl’s been with YoYoFactory for all of 2009

Yep, I remember in the first chat night of this year we were talking about this…

…I wasnt hear when the first chat night is here… ???

I don’t. I wasn’t here! :smiley:

Do we really need to say?

It doesn’t matter whether or not you were in the first chat night, this has been around all of 2009 like Nathan said.

Nathan who?

Happy Throwing! =]

Nathan Crissy :slight_smile:
This is what he said:


Yeah… This is pretty old. I think he should have stayed with YYF though. I dont know why. Sterling Quinn- Team YoYoJam sounds way better than
Sterling Quinn- Team YoYoFactory :stuck_out_tongue:
Its just wierd

Er, fixed?

I’m not sure if I really fixed it, but I think I did accordingly to what you had said before.

Oops. Yeah. Sorry about that. I meant YYJ