Vs. Newton YoYo Concepts: Andrew Maider wins MA States!

Spending over $3000 for personal use that was obtained from a charity drive isn’t a mistake or an oversight, it is fraud. Fraud is a crime and I hope it is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


As a person that was touched by cancer 2 weeks ago, I feel extremely disturbed by this whole situation.

The suggestion that Heath should take his time in paying the money to ACS and not worry about credit card debt is ludicrous. Right the wrong as quickly as possible, whatever means necessary.

I am not interested in slinging mud or calling people out. I’m also not interested in excuses. Do what’s right and accept the consequences of the action.

This makes me sad…

When i read this, it saddens me. But VSNYYC will never recover. It reminded me of a quote by Captain Jack Sparrow…

" Me? I’m dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It’s the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly… stupid."

But which was heath?

This is ridiculous. It’s affecting the entire community. The original point of his company was to donate to charity. Anyone who ever bought a yoyo from him is affected by this. This throws a shadow over this entire community, and I’m furious about it. Heath lied directly to my face at Worlds this year about the entire thing. He needs to come up with all of the money, regardless of what kind of debt it puts him in. And prosecution should definitely be on the table.

There is no poll to be made… the victims will either press charges or they won’t. That is not something that is up for debate here in a forum.

Nathan and J-Rod both make excellent points on this. I was never directly effected by this but I feel used none the less. I took my time to post about it on HSYY and promote a cause that I believed in. I felt that I should do my part even though I didn’t have the money to actually make a bid on one of the yo-yos.

it was only an idea. i meant no offense. i thought it would be better to have the yoyo community that actually spent money on thi cause to vote on what they should do next instead of multiple member making lawsuits against him. i personally do not want heath to go to jail or be in debt. nor do a want do deprive the cancer resaerch 4 grand. the answer: i dont know. many people have many different opinions and thoughts on what next. i hope a resolution is found

Any remaining throws should be sold and all moneys, not just profit should be donated.

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I don’t think that is a solution… unfortunately the VsNYYC name is ruined. The demand is bound to tank as word spreads. I just don’t see many people buying at this time especially if it is done directly through Heath; the trust for him to actually donate the money is just not there.

No the throws need to be pieced out from another dependable source. People will still buy them just not for hundreds of dollars. Set a price that will sell fast.



I made that statement under the Understanding that this was the 2nd payment and therefore putting heath a few hundred away from the full balance Which can be resolved in a week without credit or loans. He stated that this was the second payment, but now it looks like it is otherwise? Which is it. Did he start the apology with another lie? If he is 3k out, then his wages need to be garnished by order of a court.

I am still confused. How much total has been given total? If this was the only payment, why did he say this was the second?

I believe that statement was what we call misleading.

I think he meant this is the part of the second auction. The firts one was spent

I can say in no uncertain terms that the donation pictured in this thread is the only one made.

I’m not certain why he called it a “second”.

And yes, a loan or some other quick form of restitution should be done.

I’m confused,
He said he was waiting on someone to make the second donation, which we can see he made. But doesn’t that mean he still owes $4300, not $3000, for the first donation?

$4300.00 was the grand total. $1150.00 was donated. That leaves a little over $3000.00 that is yet to be donated.

In that case Vega, i retract my statement and no longer have any grace to give the man. Break out the plastic or go sell plasma

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The receipt also says “one time gift”. If it was an ongoing donation, it would say so.

Locked to preserve all of this as evidence.

Please feel free to continue here: Vs. Newton Charity Issues

Summary for those who haven’t read the whole thread:

  1. 2 years ago Heath organized a charity auction for the American Cancer Society
  2. People donated yoyos to be anodized and auctioned for this charity - all the money raised through eBay auctions was to be donated to the ACS
  3. Instead of donating the money, Heath stole it and spent it on undisclosed personal things
  4. Heath then lied for months and months about it
  5. Heath finally admitted guilt, but in a weak and ambiguous way, after donating $1150 out of $4300 raised
  6. Heath still owes $3150 to the ACS.