VR Yoyo?

This might be an incredibly stupid topic, but I was wondering if a VR (Virtual Reality) game about yoyos would be a good idea or even possible. The game would be a sandbox, meaning you could do whatever you like. When it comes to slack tricks, the game would most likely be hard to make. People may be wondering, “why can’t you just play with a real yoyo?” Well, if this game existed, you wouldn’t have to worry about sleep times, worn-out string, etc. However, would this even be possible? How would you even control the game? What do you guys think: is this a good or bad idea?

I think that would be sick👍

What fun would that be? ???

If your hands are sore or you just don’t have the coordination to play yoyo, yoyo VR would be beneficial. I know that playing with others is more fun instead of playing video games but I think it would still be cool to see.

No. It would need to have motion sensors on your body which would be odd. Also, that might work-nobody will run into your yoyo