things that should exist

i dont know alot or if what im about to say would work/make sense/be ethical but their should be a spray that covers a yoyo in a “shield” of a magical spray band aid for yoyos that takes the hit and protect the yoyo from scratches and still has the ability to grind. …probably impossible. plz share ideas that you have had that makes or doesn’t make sense.

Kids that use good grammar.


A Forum for people to post those dumb “What’s Your Favorite…” Threads in

I think rainbow llamas should exsist

Same here.

In a perfect world.

Actual sea monkeys


A plastic Super G. That would be so COOL!

A time machine, so I can go back and teach you how to properly use grammar.

Superheroes should also exist…

Sorry for my horrendous grammar.

Sometimes this stuff is funny, but I think being overly critical makes people less likely to post. And, on the grammar thing – there are quite a few people posting on YYE who have some issues with grammar. If you don’t have something nice or helpful to say…


A titanium version of my Phenomizm that costs $3…

Delrin Super G would be amazing.
Ahem, Ben, Champions Collection Wave 3, Ahem

When does wave three come out?

And how did you find out about this?

Free yoyos

Free money

End to war

End to starvation

End to poverty

End to disease

End to violence

End to the Call of Duty videogame series

Thank you for bringing this up. I see so many little grammar nazis here and it drives me nuts. Some people aren’t very good at English and/or grammar wasn’t their strong point. Here we are on a forum for people who love to throw or collect yoyos and to share that passion but instead of focusing on that we have people belittling others over their grammar. Why do you people do this? I take it you have never wrote something and didn’t proof read it and then later realized you wrote the wrong word, misspelled something or auto correct put up a word totally out of left field? So before you bash someone over something so stupid think about how that might effect them. Like kdbams said it could hurt their feelings or make it so they never wanna partake in a online conversation because their worried that someone might make fun of them if they dont use proper grammar or dont know how to. I understood what the guy was trying to say and he shouldn’t have to apologize to you jerks when all he was trying to do was bounce an idea off you guys.

As for your idea o have also thought about that. Or maybe some kinda silicone sleeve that fits over the yoyo but I think it would cause a vibe cause it probably wouldn’t fit tight enough and if it was a spray it would be very hard to get a perfectly even coating. Would like to see some way to protect a yoyo though that would be cool.

Oops I put o instead of I better attack guys.