Community project


Has anyone thought of a lot of people throwing in some money and make a community yoyo thats an off brand but is what we want…

Just a suggestion…
Comment if you want to

(Jei Cheetah) #2



I was just thinking about that not 30 sec ago. Maybe not actually build it but just start a thread (If there is not already) where people can brain storm yo-yo ideas. I know there are a few people on here that like to design and make yo-yos on 3D printers. Maybe something great will come of it.


Sounds a lot like the code 1.

(WildCat23) #5

It wouldn’t work because everyone has different opinions of what makes a great yoyo.




But the code 1 was made that way and it worked out fine. I love mine plus that is why you average them so everyone is somewhat happy unless someone says they wan a yoyo to weigh 400 grams


If every one just starts posting ideas chances are you will have some ideas that work way better with others. pretty soon youll end up designing multiple Yo-Yos and not just one.


So who has a an idea… I like how the chief is shaped and would like a similar shape anyone no that


I don’t think that everyone has tried the chiefs shape


That is why the code 1 use poll.


Wasn’t this kid banned? hes the very definition of sarcasm/negativity. I think this a really cool idea.


this is pretty much like the onedrop Code 1, brilliant throw, go for it and never look back.

I used to mind and take those seriously, then I saw he was only 19. it did put everything into perspective. I was much worse at 19. just if you see a thread with a weird title, skip it, or hop in, get a good laugh and move on. ;D ;D ;D



What? I didn’t say anything…


I think that its a great idea.