Who wants a new CODE yoyo by Onedrop

I know I would like it.


So how do you envision it going down? Doing the CODE2 process would probably yield something very interesting since it’s been a long time. What other ideas are there?

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it was pretty cool last time i participated. im down for another

I’ll take 1 if this is a contest, or something. I’ve still never owned a 1 Drop BUT I hope to change that, eventually. :slight_smile:

make a yoyo that can 1a,2a and 4a, where you can add plastic shells for 4a, and with the abilty of doing side effects, the ultimate yoyo

Just an idea in general, tagging onto what kretzschmar said, an all in one yoyo. Sort of an updated Mongoose, just a hub with interchangeable guts and rims.

i wanna see an OD bimetal

I would be fine with re-using the CODE2 format. :slight_smile: Yielded a great yoyo, and as David says-- tastes have changed! I would be interested fo’ sho’.

Let’s make this a bimetal. Reuse the CODE 2 format for this one.

Maybe also design a new side effect that’s meant to maximise rim weight.

Pretty sure that’s the point of their ultralights.

Here is another idea, bring something back from the dead from any company (with their permission) and incorporate side effects, have the community vote on it:


Nice idea!

I would like to see OD take another shot at making a pocket sized yoyo like the Dingo except it should be able to play on par with today’s throws much like Sengoku did with the Masamini. There has been some talk in the past of making a Dingo 2 but “talk” seems to be about as far as it ever got. :-\

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Code “Pocket Throw”?! :wink:

I typo’d. I meant to say CODE1 where the community designs rather than CODE2 where a designer was picked (Hi Jason ;).

Another Code 1 style community design would be awesome!

I’ve been liking some of these new undersized yoyo’s… I would like to see a good player that is pocket fun! But I love just about anything that comes out of the OneDrop shop! :slight_smile:

The CODE1 project was lots of fun. I think that’d be a big hit again.

I would prefer the CODE 2 model. Players submitting their own designs.

We shall call the next CODE project AMMOnite.