The CODE 1 by One Drop | YoYoSkills Review

What if you could design your own yo-yo? What if you had influence over every measurement, feature, and detail? What if we took one of the largest yo-yo communities in the world and crowdsourced a yo-yo design? What would happen? Would the hive mind create something fantastic or create something unplayable? What if a yo-yo company gave the reigns to the crowd? I can just imagine Shawn and David sitting in a Eugene, Oregon burrito shop firing these questions back and forth at each other. One Drop has been a company defined by “outside the box” thinking from day one. The One Drop machine shop caters to the consumer looking for a specialized throw free from the feel of mass production, all the while still working to keep up with demand. The CODE 1 is the latest in creative thinking exercises from the Oregon duo. Community/One Drop Experiment #1. Review