Remote-controlled yo-yo

This would be so awesome. You can move it around, you can make it do the tricks you want it to do. Comes with the bearing, this may be a challenge though. It would need buttons, though. This may or may not be possible at this time. What do you think?

As cool as that would be, it would be tough for the Yoyo to move against the forces of gravity. Not to mention nowhere to put the motor…

unless the string was metal and folded or the yoyo had a strong fan built into the sides to push it i don’t think this really is a possibility

If this ever happened would there be any point to modern yoyo play if the yoyo could do its own tricks by remote control?

Maybe I’m missing the point here but, can it do a GyroScopic Flop with the tapping of the Flop button? ;D

I think that idea is a gyroscopic flop.

It couldn’t do Spirit Bomb by itself, lol

How could you ‘make it do tricks’?

You still have to supply the hands.

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Everybody wants a shortcut! :smiley:

But then we would end up losing the intricate touch that only we could supply. Eventually the sport would dwindle into nothingness. I think anyway

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What would be the point of this, just watching it play or what?

I really don’t even know this is wierd

I like the idea of a Remote Controlled Boat for my Pool but not a “Remote Controlled Yo-Yo”. :slight_smile:

On an unrelated note, I can’t be the only one who would happily buy a Paul Dang action figure can I?

Only if Hot Toys makes it, and it comes with multiple yo-yos and a vape pen!

Maybe a Bobble Head Paul Deng.

What if the remote control was remote controlled?

What if life was a lie?

In all seriousness I bet you could throw some motors in the cups of a large yoyo to displace weight on the rotational axis. With some smart algorithms you could probably create an automatic angle correcting yoyo. Any bad or off angle throw or trick that pushes the yoyo into a different angle would be automatically corrected.

Might be fun to also have the yoyo rotate off the intended axis (gyroflop) on its own (or by a small wireless remote). Would make mid combo transitions to horizontal tricks kinda interesting.

Still kinda pointless but fun to think about.