I don’t get it. This is just a yoyo that can play horizontally… like almost everything out there.

And you can’t even do tricks with it, it seems pointless. ???

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lol its definitely not aimed towards our yoyo population. I’m sure little kids would love it.

i want to see what drew tetz can do with that


Hmm, two models. If you took the one that pushes to the left and rotated it 180 degrees, wouldn’t it then push to the right?

Not just little kids, I think it looks pretty fun!

I’d totally buy one and put a 50ft string on it. Would be awesome. ;D

Yes, but in one instance the string would be loaded from the top, the other the bottom. When throwing the forehand one you’d have to flip it over once you catch it to make another forehand throw.

I think a Metal yoyo drone with a 75 foot cord might be good for bird hunting.

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If you flip it, on the first throw it will be pushing up and on the second it will be pushing down. Seems like you should just alternate between forehand throw and backhand throw.

Is the “yoyo as a weapon” myth finally coming true?

I think it’s still true when you hit yourself. Lol.

It’s a little confusing but when you throw it forehand it’s turning clockwise and pushing air down. Upon the catch it would be in your hand ready for a backhand throw. Since it would be spinning the opposite direction on a backhand throw the air would be pushing up. Hence if you turn it over and throw it forehand again the air would be pushing down.

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Ok. I think I’ve got it. Thanks.

Also, I just went outside and tried a Butterfly XT with super long string and was able to do everything shown in the video. I don’t think lift is necessary, anyway.

That has to be one of the best responses to any post I’ve ever read, lol.

Actually I think what we are seeing here is that the Fund raising starter project help me with my Amazing invention to get off the ground, can be implemented to Bankroll even the Silliest things.

45 thousand dollars to make ‘fan blades’? …Patent costs, initial tooling and materials,etc. I understand that.

This guy just isn’t talking to or knowing the right people.

Yoyojam… <Owner: Dale Bell. What else does Dale do to make money? Uh, his primary Business: Advanced Air.

Dale makes…(drum roll please) FAN BLADES!

Every time you open up your refrigerator and you here that little fan circulating the cold air; that is what Dale makes. I am not saying Dale makes all fan blades for the Planet Earth. But Dale gets contracts to make large numbers of blades for various Manufacturers for air moving applications.

Thousands and thousands of fan blades. He is completely ‘Tooled’ to ‘make things’ out of plastic or metal. He does his own molds, in house.

That is one of the reasons Yoyojam kinda just fell into place. Dale was already making Spinning things. Look at a Yoyo. It spins from the center. As does a fan blade. Fan blades have to be balanced for maximum efficiency.

look at a fan blade assembly. And using the tiniest amount of your imagination, close your eyes and remove the fan blades from the fan core. What do you have left? A Yoyo, hahahaha.

There is an old saying, ‘Everything you learn will come to serve you someday’.

Before Yoyojam, Dale already know tons of stuff about injection molding, machining and spinning objects.
…I am going to do this guy a possible favor. I am going to copy and paste the link to his Fundraiser video. I’m going to send it to Dale. See if Dale thinks it’s a Worthy idea that could go anypla$e?

That Yoyodrone design to Dale… Would be like asking a Master Artist if he can Fingerpaint.

Funny stuff…

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Now here’s a yoyo drone. Yes I made it yoyo, and then crashed it breaking one of my motor mounts…

In all seriousness, I’d be curious if somehow a bearing version could be made, and have the propeller halves generate enough thrust to keep the yoyo levitating… Would create some interesting horizontal play.

I’d play with that thing. For a few minutes at least. I’d say it isn’t worth more than $4-5 a pop though.

It seems like a pretty pointless to unless he can get one to actually sleep and/or develop more lift. Right now, it seems like it can’t do anything more than you can do with horizontal fixed axle tricks.

I think as a rule, when your asking people to fund a project of yours, you shouldn’t be wearing an Ed Hardy t-shirt.

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It’s an interesting idea but I can’t imagine it getting fully backed at 45k. And it’s not really original, Rafael Matsunaga already made something similar a few months ago, I remember seeing it on instagram. It was an offstring flying fan blade type yo-yo.

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