Yo-yo idea

Would it be possible to use the inside lip of the yo to maybe get air to push the throw up and make it more floaty?

Electronically or have a shape to push up?

Depends on the material I guess, I would be highly unlikely if its an aluminum yoyo

The shape

it will probably have to extend from the rim slightly must be plastic due to how much it would cost if aluminum not sure if the power generated would be enough

Hard to design

would makings the rims sharp cause it to move faster due to air being cut? would that be solider or floaty?

I’m sure it could be done by some one who was clever enough. The problem is that it would take energy to generate the lift, this energy would most likely come from the yoyos spin, reducing the spin time. It would probably also make the yoyo quite unstable.

No, because the yoyo is round and spinning any force it generated would be equal in all directions. So any lift generated would be canceled by an equal amount of downward force also generated.

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If you could somehow bypass the laws of physics, then yes, it could be done.

Exactly. Remember, yoyos are circular. That means that any work done to the “top” will be done to the “bottom”.

However, if you add propellers and throw horizontal tricks…

I think the yoyo would be best if it looked like a kendama.

:smiley: I love this! Love. It.

Lol. Could this be done?

A little bit of glue, tape, some rc helicopter props and a complete disregard for personal safety…yeah, you could do it.

They would have to be very long, it would most likely not work due to the fact that the wind generated would go down onto the yoyo and not the ground and generate force.

No, like this:


While an unaltered yoyo would have the force in each direction if you were to have something hanging from the axle, like half a z-stack etc., to disrupt the downwards force then the force generated could (theoretically) always be opposite to that of gravity if the plane of the yoyo is normal to the ground.