how the heck do you do this???

“i dont get it how they make them float”?

They use an air compressor.

kewl i didnt know that im going to try it with mykickside when i get it modded

Dude, don’t lie to him. If you pause at 22.2347204 seconds you can clearly see Samad is holding the yoyo up. Samad, work on your invisibility…


Yeah your right, my idea was crazy. That is more probable. :smiley:

My bad. I was pretty tired that day, and John woke me up when we got off the plane, so I was pretty wrecked.

But if you want to learn how to do it, follow these steps:

  1. Bake me a Chocolate Cake (Devils Food preffered.)
  2. Bring said cake to me.
  3. Allow me to eat the cake.
  4. Ask me to teach you the trick.
  5. Profit.


i don’t see anything, all i see is i think samad’s head a little.

It’s obviously air coming up under the yo.


john said that theres no fan or magnets etc ???

Well, I thought you guys would have figured it out but…

That man must be jesus.

If not, well, I have no idea. Invisible string?

Because I’m sure jesus being as cool as he is, he yo-yos.

If not, just take it as a christmas miracle, ok?

Green string with Chroma key? :smiley:

o m g

when teh guy puts his hand below the yoyo, it goes down, when he releases it, the yo goes up

Damn, is it so hard to understand?

I was told that it is compressed air under it, and since it is (what i was told) air craft alluminum it “floats” i am going to pm ben right now, and ask.

Bet he’ll say ninjas did it :P.