Random idea

I am not sure if anyone has thought of or even carried out this idea before, but I sudddenly thought of a sport based off offstring yoyos.
So basically, this game works something like captain’s ball, with the offstring yoyo replacing the ball. Each player is equipped with a string, and the goal of each team is to pass the yoyo to their goal catcher, who then has to catch the yoyo behind his or her back (for some challenge).
If the yoyo dies out, then the other team would get possession of the yoyo, and re-throw it. This basically means that regenerations would have to be done often.

This might actually be fun, as I foresee players doing cool moves, and whipping the yoyo in mid-air, etc.

Might be cool. I was thinking maybe something more like Australian Rules Football or Rugby where you have to do some sort of release every so many steps and/or pass often, and without HARD contact(brushes and soft bumps OK). No goalie. Have to do something like the Off-String Lawn Darts to score into a raised ring with a net and slightly padded backboard.

I think this idea is great and could serve as quite a popular game amongst yoyoers (even though I’m struggling at 4a and can’t even do a simple offstring throw.) In fact (correct me if I’m wrong,) I haven’t even heard of a yoyoing game before. Keep it up. ;D

Applying ultimate frisbee rules sounds like a good idea too.

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That sounds like a great idea!!

aw man sounds like i have to get some of my friends together for a great game of ultimate offstring!

Offstring ball; Duncan crew plays it during contest. It’s in their 80 years one world DVD. Look it up to see if it’s similar to what you have in mind.

Great idea… Salorin (sam) and I both have bigyo, I remember a while ago we tried to catch the others Yoyo while it flies across ( we threw it towards each other at the same time). It was fun!!!

Wow, can you post a link? I don’t really remember seeing them play it. It would be fun to watch a game like this

this game should be in the yo-yo Olympics! is there a yo-yo Olympics?

If figure skating can be considered an Olympic sport, we have a chance of yo-yo being an Olympic sport.

Yeah, what I have in mind is something like that, but slightly more complex rules to make it suitable for longer play times. Preferably with elements of soccer or football.

I think we should try to schedule this for after a contest or something.

I’m up for it next year at pnwr. we need at least 8 people. teams of four and one big yo or rextreme. some really large yoyo.

milkshake its big and wide

well unless your willing to sacrifice yours we could all just use my bigyo.

Alternatively for any Europeans out there, there’s the Henry’s Viper Neo XL, (long name), which is almost the size of one of those small diabolos. The spin time on it isn’t great though so you’d have to keep the rounds relatively short like in the video, but they’re large, very bold and easy to see.

yea i was thinking more a game of ultimate Frisbee but with an offstring. nothing like what they played in the video.