new idea for game

So I had an idea for an online competition. So my idea is to have someone pick you a song or portion of a song (about one minute each) and you have to make a yoyo performance based on the song. Instead of picking a song based on your yo-yoing, you pick a performance based on the song. I think this would be cool because it doesn’t need to be divided by experience because anyone can yoyo to a song.

I don’t follow this idea at all and besides this naturally happens anyways when picking music out for a YouTube videos either your making A) you Yoyo to the music you will put in the video or B) you pick music to back up the yoyoing or C) a very small amount of videos are driven by the music because most music has vocals in it which can be hard to Yoyo to at times.

I actually pick my songs first before making the performance, and i think most people do that too, so that might be a problem.