Volleyball Anyone?

Anyone else play? I’m pretty excited cuz I just made Varsity as a Freshman. ;D

Grats! I wrestled in high school but I can tell you that you will only get out of it what you put into it.

I like volleyball. I used to play it a lot before I moved out, now I only play it when I’m back at my parents.

I could play volleyball in gym class, but there’s an issue with this; I hate it when other people tell me that I’m wrong while I’m suyre that I’m right. Several of my classmates called for a re-serve because my serve touched the net. Now having watched a lot of both beach and 6-man volleyball on TV, I knew that I was right and they were wrong. 15 minutes later I had to download a PDF of the offical rules for both beach and 6-man.

I now ask our gym teacher if I can work on strength instead of playing volleyball, only because I do not want to end up hating my friends.

Addment: It’s one thing if ONE person disagrees with me, but when there are several persons thinking that they are right (when they are in fact wrong) makes it very hard for me to play teamgames.

Refs are a pain in the butt sometimes. And it’s a little annoying playing volleyball when people can’t play, because unlike basketball or football, if you can’t play, you’re forced to play, you can’t just stand on the side and do nothing, cuz the ball comes to you. At my last game, we spiked, the other team grazed the ball in their block and yelled TOUCH! like real loud, the ball went out, and the ref said our hitter hit it out… even though the other guy yelled touch, and the ball was effected.

i only play volleyball in gym, but I the only one that listens when they teach us how to serve, therefore im better than everybody else.

Good job getting into varsity