I really need help on the off string trick, “Volcano”! i can toss the yoyo up but i cant bring my hands together in time so the yoyo doesn’t go up and get that affect that makes the trick so cool. (I have the same problem with Eli Hops!)

Can you do Boingy Boing? It is a very similar motion to that.

Getting the motion down for Boing-e-Boing will really help you here; Apetruck is right.

yes i can do boing e boing but not very well so just practice is about it?

Yup. While doing regular Boingy Boing, try to slowly tilt it up so the yoyo is going up and down instead of side to side. When you do get it going up and down, it will be the same trick as volcano, minus the fact that it will still be attached to the string.

yes if you get boing boing volcano well come e-zer that wat work for me and thats wat every body else is saing

I would just practice eli hops cuz its fast to learn. just between each trick you practice try som eli hops and in about three days you should have the motion down then do volcanos

Thanks! Im starting to get the hang of it!