So its here and I have to ask, has anyone played one and how would it compare to going on the endless hunt for a Draupnir

I got mine yesterday, It is a BEAST. Spins really solid and the look is amazing. I personally did not like the Draupnir. The gap on the VKSS is smaller than the CZPoint but, the VKSS has a unique feel to it. Personally, I would go for a VKSS.

I felt like getting a Draupnir would kind some how make every trick smooth or something just cause everyone loves it.

So… getting an expensive throw equals getting better magically… This logic makes me laugh so hard.

Well I don’t need to progress in trick level, just developing my style lol

Developing style… That is the user. Not the yoyo.

The type of yoyo can help though, like I don’t think Iori developed his style with a heavy yoyo

I think you may have that backwards…yoyoers choose throws that fit their style, not the other way around

ok whatever can we move on to the topic


KK THANKS I SUCK so what about the VKss

No one said you suck :stuck_out_tongue: Just corrected that it’s the player, not the yoyo.

Don’t get caught in the Draupnir hype :wink:

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Observe the fact that one gets better from practice. Then they find a suitable throw. Style and new tricks develop with the constant flow of time.

I really think I might grab a VKss I like the looks of it but the weight :-. Probably black or blue

Just gonna toss it out there that if you’re trying to get fast. Playing with a heavier yoyo and then switching to a lighter yoyo after can help. It’s the same with shortening your string. That said why not both ;D If I was to personally grab one it would most likely be the Draupnir. Have you considered the slasher?

Or berserker ss that suitable for speed play with that weight

Snagged one when it came back to YYE

I owned an anglam and I have looked at the slasher, but here is how I imagine Draupnir vs Slasher.

I imagine the draupnir like a new high tech computer and the slasher like a powerful factory with steam coming out. I have no idea why though…

Also, the Anglam TiSS is coming this summer

Anglam TiSS is going to cost a month’s mortgage.

Also, I think it should be called the Anglasm.

That is all.

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I like it Greg, I like it a lot :stuck_out_tongue: