VKss or scout

Hey guys, I am stuck between buying a VKss or the scout. Can anyone who has one or has tried them compare them or give me some insight on what to expect from each.



I’d personally go VKss. Scout looks nice but not much different from other stuff CLYW has already offered, the shape of the VKss is different than the majority of what YYF puts out, plus…bimetal.

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The VK is a straight V shape with slightly angled rims. Very unique indeed!

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I’d say what do you currently have and are you looking for something similar or something totally new and different?

I decided to pull the trigger on the last aqua Vkss. It will match my og vk california.

I have a lot of clyw already and thought that it had been a while since I bought a YYF. I love my orca but it is just a bit too floaty imo and apparently the scout is supposed to be super floaty so I thought I would pass on it.