CLYW. which one to choose?

I recently got my first CLYW yoyo’s (yeti2, big dipper) And I am totally loving these yoyo’s.
Best Plastics ever! I like them a tad better than the skyva because i feel they play a bit slower than the skyva. And speed is not really my thing. Plus the snow tires are awesome for tight binds.
I think the yeti2 plays a tad more stable, but the big dipper is easier in the hand.

So, now I am very interested in buying my first metal CLYW but there is too much choice!
I narrowed it down to these: Peak2, scout, snowlizzard, kayak, manatee, Dune, Orca.

If you prefer one above another I would want to know which and why.

Any advice is appreciated.

Well I couldn’t wait and I decided to go for these: Peak2, Dune and kayak. That way I have 3 different shapes (O,H,V)

When I get them I shall post here about my likings :wink:

If you want to try real CLYW, try anything that wasn’t made in China

If you want to try real CLYW, try anything that is CLYW.