VK yoyo

When browsing for interesting yoyos, I found the VK by YoYoFactory. They store that has it says that it’s a spin off of the FAST 401k. I haven’t heard anything about this yoyo here and I was wondering what your thoughts about this yoyo was. Also, it has nubs, could I easily change that to hubstacks?

You could change it to stacks. But I do not have any opinions never trying one.

Why “never” trying one?

I like the VK.

Its a version of the California. Really smooth yoyo, its a bit bigger than normal and maybe a tad heavy? but the play is oh so smooth.

I like em!

And yes they can take hubstacks!


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hahaha. I thought it was a version of the FAST 401k and its about 65.90 grams so thats close to my Speeder.

I like them,their shape is herd to get used to but it good once you do,and again my friend owns one(just FYI its not the same friend who has all of these).

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hahaha. How is it hard to get used to?

It’s just that its not very steep near the rims and gets steep fast when it gets closer to the gap:

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Eh. Il get over it. I hope I get it now!