Visual differences between OG Ava and Comeback Ava?


I’m sure this has been covered before, but I can’t seem to find it. Are there any visual differences between the original Avalanche and the Comeback? I have an Ava, and was told it was an OG Comeback… the two shouldn’t go together, right? Is there anything I can look for so I can know for sure which it might be?

(G2 Jake) #2

I think yours was a comeback unless it’s different than the one you had last time. Next time you come over we can compare it to mine.

Someone else might have better intel than just a comparison though.


What colorway is your Avalanche? Some colors were only made during original runs and some colorways were only made during Comeback runs. That may help. Also, I have one of each and I love them both. The only visual difference I see is on the “nipple” in the hub. My OG Avalanche does not have a “dot” and is completely smooth, flat and even on the top surface of the nipple. My Comeback Avalanche has a small machining “dot,” so to speak, right on the very center of the top part of the nipple. It is not palpable but it is clearly visible upon inspection.


It is the same one Jake, but it has no nipple, like N8 brought up. Also, it is the Berry Berry colorway.


Apologies for not posting this sooner, but here is a pic of what I mean to more clearly explain. 3rd run Golden Nugget OG Avalanche on the right, first run GOLD!!! Comeback Avalanche on left. Dot in the middle of the nipple clearly visible on left, Comeback Ava. Maybe Jake has an idea about that since he actually works in the industry, I don’t really know that much.


Here’s mine.


This is true on mine also, although the “nipple” doesn’t seem to be as pronounced on my comeback as yours is in the photo. Definitely there though, and the OG is totally smooth


Anyone else have any input?


I know Jake said he thinks yours is a Comeback, and he absolutely may be right, especially if he’s seen it and played it in person. But based on all the pics if the “nipple” theory is true it would have to be OG. Also, and I know I could be way wrong, but I don’t remember seeing a Berry Berry release with the Comeback Avas. I love Berry Berry and have a number of Berry Berry throws and I love the Avalanche. My mind is telling me that if Berry Berry was available on the Comeback I would have purchased it so I must have missed it on the OG Avalanche release because I didn’t buy until the final run.

I could still be wrong.

(G2 Jake) #10

I’m not sure, I just thought it was a comeback based on how it played the one time I played it. I didn’t pay much attention to what changes were made from the of to comeback. It just didn’t feel like my first run Ava.


I do not believe changes were made to the Avalanche for the same reason as Marmot/Gnarwhal II. It was due to the CAD file no longer being available. I could be wrong but fairly certain I am right.


N8dogg has it correct.

The Berry Berry is one of the OG releases. I have the exact same version & Colorway of Avalanche, and I certainly remember it being an OG version. The Berry Berry was not available on the second release.

Edit: I might also add that I do not have any Avalanche that has the previously mentioned “nipple” in the center of the hub. I’m not saying that it does not exist on any Avalanche, I’m just making the observation that I do not see it on any of the 17 Avalanches I own.


U need one more to fill up that spot lol ^^^


That was mine that I traded you my Horsehead Cascade + the Avalanche = your Canflon E1ns and Candyblasted Lio =). I really thought it was a comeback and that is what the seller told me too! I guess I messed up, sorry man =), it is a great throw though =).

By the way a little off topic but I think the E1ns you traded me was done by England’s custom ano? It looks a whole lot lighter but it could be possible that it was in the sun?..


Mine…(top middle)


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