Diff between comeback and first avalanches


Does anyone have details on the differences of these two avalanches specs?
Just got the bushman Ava and noticed its a bit diff, feels more stable IMO.

Anyone? Ill post a pic of my two Avalanches side by side


The comeback is a gram lighter…

Chris had to do a new CAD file as the old one was lost in the mix… The new CAD was based off the existing file he had for the Sasquatch…


What’s Is CAD? Sorry for sounding stupid usually I try and figure it out myself but just feel like asking cause I don’t know

(George Wollaston) #4

CAD stands for computer aided design. The CAD file is the computerised template that gets used to machine the YoYos… Or something to that extent. :slight_smile:


Based on your pictures, the comeback seems to have a little bit more angular rims, less rounded than the original.

Anyone know an easy way to tell if it is a comeback or not? I have two Avas, but they feel different. Also, were any gold nugget comebacks made?


From the man himself:

Chris posted that on Facebook when the comeback was revealed.


Which is which??


The blizzard is a comeback avalanche
And the red one is a first run I believe